We all remember learning about Pavlov’s dogs back in school, right? And I am here to testify that our dogs, Ricky and Beau, start drooling the minute someone opens the kitchen pantry door and reaches for a dog treat. So, what name could be better for a company specializing in drool-worthy gourmet dog biscuits than Drool? The owners of Drool — Kris Johnson and Sadie Gabler — say that “Drool is a Utah-based dog biscuit company created by dog people for dog peoples’ dogs.”

Founded in Park City, Drool bakes small-batch, all-natural artisan dog biscuits using locally sourced ingredients, whenever possible. Frankly, they look tasty enough for human consumption. And, since Drool treats are made using natural, human-grade ingredients, humans could eat them. “Everything we make is really, honestly made by hand,” says Kris. “We go to the length of almost cooking a meal like you would prepare it for yourself and then it just simply goes into a dog biscuit.”

And the couple sure doesn’t skimp when it comes to biscuit ingredients. “We try to source locally as much as possible,” explains Sadie. “Our peanut butter is organic with no sugar added. Our honey is organic, and then our flour is from a local miller here.” Kris adds, “It took me three years to get these recipes where they’re at. But it’s those ingredients that matter, and we’re very passionate about it, as if we were doing it just for our own dogs. If you’re going to advocate for dog nutrition why in the world would you not use the best ingredients?” she asks, rhetorically.

Kris, who has been working in the canine business arena since 2006 says, “What’s important to us, mainly, is to educate people that they can really feed normal human foods to their dogs. We started doing our own baking and the more we did it the more it became a catalyst for us to educate the public, because that was kind of when the first recall came out about dog food.” Sadie adds, “Do the best that you can with what you’re given. If you’re feeding them kibble throw in some scrambled eggs occasionally for extra protein. We just really want to nurture those individuals who are truly passionate about taking care of their animals in the best way they can. And we really want to help educate people about the proper care and nutrition of their dogs.”

"If you’re going to advocate for dog nutrition why in the world would you not use the best ingredients?”
Kris Johnson

Commenting on being a Park City-based small business, Kris says, “Not only is Park City the perfect market for these types of treats, but it’s very endearing: the people that live here really support local branding and people that start [businesses] here. So, I thought, ‘This is the perfect community for this,’ and it has been. It’s the most amazing environment.”

Drool treat options include Animal Crackers, Cheddar Biscuits, PB & Js, Apple Biscuits, Chicken Soup Biscuits, Carrot Biscuits, and more. They are so wholesome that when you examine an Apple Biscuit, for example, you will see actual pieces of dehydrated apple. And the Chicken Soup Biscuits are made by first slow cooking an entire chicken with celery and carrots and then using the chicken, broth, and veggies to make biscuits. Cue the drool.