Publisher's Note:

When I was around 12-years-old I remember telling my dad I really wanted a pair of Kastle skis. He responded with, “Well then, you best get to work.”

Those words launched my first business venture: lawn maintenance. As I pushed Dad’s lawn mower around our neighborhood, I quickly learned that if I did a good job trimming the edges, raking the clippings, and sweeping the sidewalk, not only did I gain more clients, but I could charge more for giving better service. Sometimes, I would be rewarded with an ice cold Coke or a plate of snickerdoodles as an added tip. From mowing lawns to landscaping and painting homes, I learned early-on the rewards that come from hard work and providing quality service. I also learned the value of owning my own time.

Fast forward to the fall of 1986. I took out a small loan to buy a Macintosh Plus, and my venture into the advertising and publishing world began. Thirty-three years later, and I’m still doing what I love—publishing mountain-town lifestyle magazines. During this journey I’ve gotten the chance to feature and meet many wonderful folks, including entrepreneurs who have turned their ideas into viable businesses.

If it were not for the likes of Greg Schirf (Wasatch Brewery), Bruce and Debra Corrigan (O’Shucks), and Kirsten Fox (Fox School of Wine), or visionaries like Brian and Kirsten Shirken (Pendry Hotel & Residences), Steve Kanten (Kanten Communications International), and the team at PandoLabs, Park City would not be the place we all know and love today.

Join us in celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit of Park City—PCStyle!