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In the 1980s, Olympian hurdler Jack Davis was invited to Park City by Nick Badami, the then-owner of Park City Ski Corporation, to develop the Park City Mountain base area. With two Olympic medals under his belt, Jack got to work developing the Snow Flower Condominiums, The Village Loft and the first phase of The Lodge at the Mountain Village. By the late '80s, Jack invited his son Trent, who had been working in commercial property management and sales, to take over operations.

Trent arrived with his wife, Vikki, and the couple was immediately sold on the Park City lifestyle.

Their family friends, including Gary Cole, Harry Reed, Bob Ziegler, Mark Sletten and Stein Eriksen, all played a role in the development of Park City with Jack and Trent Davis. Stein, along with others, even taught Trent and Vikki how to ski.

Over the following decades, Trent and Vikki grew and managed 38,000-square-feet of commercial space at the base of Park City Mountain. And when the ownership of the ski area moved from Nick Badami to the Cummings family and eventually to Vail Resorts, Trent and Vikki remained actively involved.

“In total, our family has been here over 40 years,” Trent says proudly. “Vikki and I have lived in Park City for 28 years and we raised both our daughters here.”

Many of the couple’s commercial tenants have been with them since the beginning — and have gone on to become Park City household names, such as Cole Sport. Other long-term tenants include, The Pig Pen Saloon, Jackson’s Base Camp, Aloha Ski & Snowboard, Bootworks and Engel & Völkers.

The longevity of their tenants is no easy feat, especially in a seasonal ski town. Trent and Vikki make a point to be always available and hands-on, and commend their tenants for their ability to make operations work during the slower summer season.

In addition to leasing commercial real estate, Trent and Vikki own Compass Management Services, which manages six HOA’s totaling over 280 units.

“We are a full-service company with 19 employees. We do all the accounting, bookkeeping, administration, engineering and maintenance for all our properties. We understand a tremendous amount about what makes properties run well from a mechanical standpoint — from boilers to heating and water systems,” says Trent. “We also understand how to handle properties where there are a lot of guests coming and going — like The Lodge at the Mountain Village [which Compass manages].”

In fact, Compass has an entire menu of services people can choose from. While historically they have focused on HOA management, they are also expanding their services to personal residences and are working to provide their clients with transportation and security options.

“We have a list of contractors, vendors and suppliers that we have worked with for years who have a lot of loyalty to us. If something is above our capabilities, instead of wasting a client’s time and money trying to make a repair that may not be the best repair, we will call in a vendor and oversee them. We would rather have the job done right as opposed to making an extra dollar by doing it in-house and risking the quality,” explains Trent.

Compass Management Services’ goal is to always do the best job in town.

“Good communication is really important to us. When people call in, we do our best to respond to them in a very timely fashion. You are never going to hear ‘I was on vacation, sorry I didn’t get to you,’” says Trent.

You can bet that when Jack Davis first became involved in Park City, he could have hardly imagined how intertwined his family would become with the mountain town and its people for decades to come.