Park City Style Catalogue

If you’ve shopped at DiJore, you known it’s more than a clothing shop — it’s an experience! It may also be Park City’s best kept secret. DiJore is located at the bottom of a discreet set of stairs just off Main Street (in the Galleria Mall). If you’re not looking for it, you might miss it. And that’s a shame since DiJore houses some of the most unique clothing, footwear and accessories in Park City.

Each year, when DiJore owner Marcyne Brown travels to Europe, she does more than attend trade shows and meet with wholesalers. She searches down every back alley for retailers and shops that are as inconspicuous as her own.

“I go to other countries and bring back brands that don’t have any other presence in the United States,” she says.

Since people travel from all over the world over to come to Park City, Marcyne believes that the shopping experience she provides should be one of a kind.

“Why spend your valuable vacation time shopping at an outlet or mall when you can get those brands anywhere in the world? To me, the whole point of boutique shopping is to find something you can’t buy just anywhere or would have to travel the world to find,” Marcyne says.

Marcyne does the traveling, bartering and detective work it takes to pin down unique items, then sells her hard-won treasures in her inviting shop.

“There is nothing in our store that you should be able to find within 300 to 400 miles of us,” she says. “If the brand is already easily found all over the U.S. I don’t want it.”

When Marcyne is traveling through Europe and discovers a brand that she likes, she finds out which country they manufacture the product in and, when possible, goes straight to the warehouse door. The goal is to cut out the middleman and lower the prices — a savings she passes on to DiJore shoppers.

“People think since I’m so exclusive, I must also be incredibly expensive. I’m actually one of the best-priced boutiques on Main Street. I sometimes get people who wonder if my quality is good because my prices are so reasonable. I buy direct, I buy top quality and I find really good deals by cutting out the middleman,” Marcyne explains.

DiJore is perhaps best known for its boots. Growing up, Marcyne was taught by her father that “footwear is foundational” and “if you don’t [have good shoes], you can have problems with your feet and back later in life.” For this reason, all of DiJore’s footwear is high quality, handcrafted and comfortable.

Beyond a great selection of shoes and one-of-a- kind items, DiJore also sells the basics — from black jackets and jeans to skirts and scarves. Many of the clothes DiJore sells are completely reversible, so customers get two outfits in one. “We have a lot of travel wear. I like multi-purpose things. We can help you put 15 outfits in a carry-on,” she says.

Whether her customers are in her store or shopping online at, Marcyne’s overarching goal is to connect people with products that make them shine.

“Fashion is an outward expression of who the person is on the inside. Sometimes people put something on and they are just glowing because they love it so much. At DiJore, we listen to our customers and get to know their lifestyle, we don’t just push them toward the newest trend or latest fad. I help people find things they will love and couture items that will help them feel good,” Marcyne says. “I want DiJore to be one of the reasons people come to Park City.”