MountainStyle Living

Almost two years ago, Alice Williams and Morgan Metcalf traded life on the East Coast for life in the mountains of Utah. And as they settle into their respective homes, they’re helping others do the same — tapping into their deep well of interior design experience.

At Williams Metcalf Interiors, you get a two-for-one deal. Alice and Morgan work on each project together, offering two sets of eyes, two perspectives, and lots of experience. Also included are two, sometimes three, doggy mascots: Oakley, Ted, and Ziggy.

Alice and her husband moved to Park City from Vermont, although she has had a home in the area for over a decade. She attended Bates College and worked in advertising before transitioning to her family’s business. When she was in her 40s, Alice had the opportunity to recreate herself and discovered a passion for interior design. During that time she also had two children, who ended up going to college with Morgan at Hobart and William Smith Colleges.

“I was driving across the country with my son to take him to an internship in Colorado when I found myself without an assistant during a busy time. My kids both suggested that I call Morgan,” Alice says. Morgan was home for the summer when she got the call. “I had just received a bachelor’s degree in architecture with a focus on old-school drafting and modeling. My next move was to begin a master’s degree in architecture, but my gut told me that it was not the right step,” Morgan remembers. “That was seven years ago, and it has been the most brilliant collaboration ever since.”

When Alice made the move to Utah, Morgan followed, becoming a full partner in the business. Since teaming up with Alice, Morgan earned her master’s in interior architecture and design and is studying for the NCIDQ exam, an interior design certificate that will certify her with the American Society of Interior Designers.

Morgan has a modern, tech-savvy approach while Alice describes herself as “old school,” having started in the industry when hand drawings were the norm. They see their age gap as a big advantage.

“I think our different ages and generations help bring broader ideas and perspectives to the table,” explains Morgan. This dynamic allows the duo to offer their clients a more diverse offering. And they have a knack for designing to each client’s likes, wants, and needs.

Their move to Utah brought about a profound change in lifestyle and scenery, which both women welcome wholeheartedly. It also shifted their focus from homes with heirloom pieces and small rooms to bigger spaces with more light and open skylines.

And while they’re both happily settled in the Park City area, they have continued working with their long-term East Coast clients, showing a true dedication to the people and projects they work with.

“I love building the relationship and asking the revealing questions that they might not have even thought about in terms of how they live and what they like,” says Alice. “Many of our clients become lifelong friends.”

Morgan agrees, adding that she loves watching a client’s reaction when they fall in love with a recommended furniture style, fabric, or light fixture. “Having found just the right product for that individual, you can see that they are excited about the product and the process,” she says.

There is also “no project too big or too small” for Williams Metcalf Interiors — from a new home that needs to be fully furnished to a simple couch upgrade, they give each project the same effort and care. In fact, they often start small with a client and end up collaborating on an entire house together.

“We have such a broad range of vendors that we can satisfy any style and price point. We’re not brand specific. We’re a comprehensive resource for everything that goes inside the home. In a way, we think of ourselves as editors in that right,” Alice says, with Morgan adding, “We’re really lucky to love what we do so much.”