The new entrepreneur goes forth with multiple intentions: to fill a niche and do it with devotion to stewardship, a genuine love of humanity, and the desire to reshape how we consume.

In Park City, the definition of an entrepreneur is shifting. Of course, to build a business you need grit, determination, resilience, and curiosity, but Park City entrepreneurs are expanding their focus to include new considerations. They’re asking themselves transformative questions like: How does my product affect the natural world? How can we reduce our environmental footprint? How can I bring genuine delight to those in my community by offering up my skills or goods?

These entrepreneurs are pursuing a redefined American dream, a dream that no longer places consumption at the forefront. Many encourage us to reflect on what we buy and how our purchases make an impact. And in Park City, many entrepreneurs—from single-person startups to internationally
recognized brands—draw inspiration from the mountains and make it their mission to help people find joy through outdoor experiences.

Based in Wanship, ZipRider holds a string of records for some of the longest zip lines in the world. Park City Mountain Resort was the location of their first zip line and now ZipRider brings thrills to people in Russia, Switzerland, Mexico, South Korea, Brazil, Canada, and more.

Backcountry, the internationally utilized purveyor of gear, started in a Park City garage. The company’s original vision, “to provide the best outdoor gear—and to be the best at doing it,” still stands today.

Soul Poles founders Erik Schlopy and Bryon Friedman (page 24) deliver a fresh perspective on recycled and sustainable products. Soul Poles makes ski poles with rapid growing bamboo and T-shirts fabricated from recycled plastic bottles, beer bottles, X-ray film, and food trays.

Skullcandy, boasts the iconic “Born in PC” slogan and the brand’s headquarters are still found in Kimball Junction. Skullcandy proudly donates 10 percent of all purchases made in Park City and 10 percent of purchases charged or mailed to a Park City address to nonprofits in the community.

Olympic Gold Medalist Ted Ligety and Carlo Salmini founded Shred Optics with the ambition to make the best body protection possible. Shred believes their business can be a means for doing good and promoting change, so they donate profits to Protect Our Winters and 1% for the Planet, two nonprofits oriented around combating the climate crisis.

Ritual Chocolate (page 36) was founded on the principals of quality and conservation. Co-founders Anna Davies and Robbie Stout remain involved in the entire process—from bean to bar—to ensure quality and sustainability.

Stewardship of the environment encompasses the well-being of each person involved; including the product creators and consumers.

Alexandra Gibson started Sien + Co. (page 84) where she showcases the talents of artisans from Peru and Argentina, while Michelle Powell’s company Spruce Organizing (page 66) is rooted in eliciting joy for her clients by getting rid of stuff that’s no longer needed.

Organizations like Park City Angels, an investment firm that helps fund startups, and PandoLabs (page 30), an incubator for entrepreneurs and investors, lend a hand to promising entrepreneurs like Batch Twenty-One (page 88).

The entrepreneurs listed above and featured in this issue of PCStyle Magazine think differently. They know that a stable climate, plenty of snow, and a healthy ecology are essential for Park City’s well-being—and in turn, the well-being of their consumers and the success of their endeavors. These business founders, owners, and operators are taking a new path, one that ultimately leads to a healthier climate and happier clients.

As neighbors, customers, and advocates, we should be proud to support the local businesses that bolster our community. These companies lead with forward thinking and are conscious of their impact.

Yes, these men and women are different; they are the new entrepreneur, and they’re defined by their morals, compassion, and connections.