It’s been a surreal year to say the least, but here in the mountains, we’re fortunate that time outside has become part of what it means to be in isolation or self-quarantine. Never before has space and access to nature been more valuable. And while the new normal has been tough, it only takes a day in the mountains or a walk down the quieter-than-normal Main Street to realize that isolation isn’t always a bad thing. In the space and solitude of these times, the soundscape takes center stage.

You can wake up to the sound of the trolley cruising down Main Street before passing the morning walking through town, coffee cup in hand, enjoying the murmur of passersby and neighborly hellos. Then, in mere minutes, you can get away from the buzz of downtown and up on the trails surrounding Park City — the hum of town replaced with the near silence of nature. Shoes on soil, leaves rustling, and the high chirping of a dark-eyed junco foraging for food. Depending on your summer activity of choice, the sounds of nature may be punctured by the whoop of a biker whizzing down the trail or the rhythmic whirr of a fly-fishing reel.

Once evening arrives, the sound of people gathering for food and drinks spills out onto the street. Park City is a town of music makers and music lovers, so even though some live music events are on a set break this summer, there’s still plenty of musical sounds to be found. Outdoor events like Park City Summer Concert Series naturally provide space for social distancing and access to clean mountain air, while the sound of live music reverberating off the mountains makes for a powerful soundscape that’s only achievable when man and nature share center stage. It’s a true mountain-town sound — and it’s what summers in Park City are all about.

As you flip through our summer edition of PCStyle Magazine — Sounds of Park City and pass your days exploring this beautiful place we call home, take a moment to absorb the sounds around you and immerse yourself in our version of isolation.