Human ingenuity is nothing new. It’s the reason why we’re able to stay warm during sub-zero cold snaps, walk on top of the snow, and enjoy fresh sushi in the middle of winter. If you think about it, examples of human ingenuity are everywhere — from the phone you have in your pocket to the shoes on your feet.

And the reality is that there’s nothing like a sudden change and a little hardship to inspire innovation — two things 2020 had in spades. While most of us were stocking up on TP and refreshing our browser for election results, others were out there putting their head down, challenging the norm, and working to find solutions.

In Park City, Agostina Alvarez and Valentina Udabe launched Tina’s Bakery in the midst of the pandemic by taking orders via Instagram. Drool owners Kris Johnson and Sadie Gabler provided new, quarantine-era pet owners with top-notch pup nutrition. And all across Park City and the Wasatch, people started sewing and sharing handmade masks as first responders mastered new procedures, teachers pivoted dramatically, and venues and restaurants reimagined their entire business model.

To an outsider, Park City’s take on ingenuity might not look all that different than what occurred across the country, but in a small mountain community, one person’s creativity can make a big difference in the collective’s reality. This winter, as we face cold temperatures and icy roads along with fluctuating coronavirus numbers, we’ll need that Mountain Town Ingenuity more than ever.

I hope the doers and thinkers we’ve chosen to showcase in this edition of PCStyle — Mountain Town Ingenuity inspire you to think outside the box and consider ways you can use your own talents to make life in Park City just a little sweeter.