Park City Style Catalogue

Even as a young child Marcyne Brown had a knack for entrepreneurial endeavors—and as a 6-year-old she realized that in order for an item to be desirable, it needed to have an ascribed value. Her first venture selling puppies for $5 launched Brown’s lifelong career as an entrepreneur.

After spending over 25 years as a military wife, to a member of the Air Force, Brown learned to adapt and reinvent herself with each move. Over the years she’s founded several businesses, including a preschool, marketing company, and real estate office. When she moved to Park City from Las Vegas, Brown established her first entrepreneurial venture in retail, DiJore.

DiJore opened in January 2015 and at first, exclusively sold boots. From the start, Brown worked to make DiJore a fashion hub and it wasn’t long before the shop’s handcrafted boots, laser-cut leather jackets, and distinctive apparel was enticing customers who fell in love with the unique DiJore shopping experience.

“My goal is that DiJore is one of the reasons why people want to visit Park City,” Brown says.

And there’s a lot to love about DiJore. Walking down the steps into the boutique is like entering a technicolor world of brightly-colored boots and vivid scarves and jackets. DiJore only carries products that live up to Brown’s high standards of quality and exquisiteness. Each shoe, jacket, purse, and piece of clothing is carefully curated and because of Brown’s eye for excellence, quality, and style, DiJore is a shopper’s international treasure trove.

All footwear in the shop is handcrafted and made from the highest-quality leather and tapestries. Many of the boots are designed specifically for DiJore and several products cannot be found anywhere else in the United States. Brown’s selections include pieces from France, Greece, Italy, Turkey, and Portugal. She aspires to “keep it special and unique for her customers,” explaining that “it takes the fun out of shopping when you can find similar items in the mall.”

"Fashion is an outward expression of the individual beauty inside."
Marcyne Brown

DiJore’s exclusive high-quality clothing and leather goods may be reason enough to visit, but their customized shopping experience is what draws people back again and again.

Shoppers who envision a specific pair of boots or a leather jacket with a certain cut will find their answer at DiJore. Many items can be customized, and Brown relishes in helping customers find their perfect outfit.

Tucked away in the Galleria Mall on historic Main Street, customers claim that DiJore is Park City’s best kept secret.

“Fashion is an outward expression of the beauty inside,” says Brown. “Women want to follow fashion trends, but not look exactly like everyone else.”