MountainStyle Living

You know those people who seem to truly embody a place and are essentially synonymous with a community? That’s Mary Ciminelli. If anyone represents and truly lives the Park City lifestyle, it’s her.

She may be a real estate agent by trade, but you’d be hard-pressed to find her in the office on a powder day. She has made a habit of getting up early to enjoy whatever sport is in season at the time and has created a career that is full of passion and balance.

“I built my business and life around still really loving and enjoying why I moved up here to begin with. This is what I was meant to be doing — selling the Park City dream because this is what Park City is all about,” she says. “I attract the type of client who wants to know where the hiking trails are; what’s really ski-in, ski-out; where the best mountain bike trails are; and where you really want to be.”

In talking with her, you’d think she was a native Parkite, but she’s actually lived in a lot of different places. Mary was born and raised in Buffalo, New York, went to college in Burlington, Vermont, and moved to Salt Lake City from California 25 years ago. She says she still loves it as much now as she did then.

“It’s always felt like home to me; I just love how the mountains are right in town because I look out any window and look up and see mountains,” she says. “I never take it for granted. The ease with which we can play outside and still have a career — there’s nothing like it.”

If you’ve forgotten why you moved to Park City or what the community has to offer, talk to Mary. Whether it’s the summer wildflowers, taking a turn in fresh powder, or the small-town perk of always seeing someone you know at the grocery store, Mary will remind you what makes this town so special.

“I just think this is such a cool town despite the growing pains and what’s happening in the mountain towns all over the West,” she says. “I still always think it’s so amazing here and we’re so lucky to live in a place like this.”

As Park City continues to grow and evolve, Mary has become a big proponent of getting involved in the community to leave it better than she found it. Whether that means volunteering with a nonprofit, getting involved politically, or being a good steward of the land and teaching trail etiquette, she believes every little bit helps.

“It’s so important to get educated on what’s going on in our town and get involved in some way,” she says. “Let’s all get back into volunteering and support our community in any way we can.”