For Alex Anderson practicing bodywork brings joy. Graduating from the Utah College of Massage Therapy in 2013 gave him the tools to become a body language interpreter, and since graduating, he’s continued to learn and grow — mastering life-changing bodywork modalities. His secret is his ability to draw from a variety of practices, merging them into a unique session for every client, every time.

“Through the foundation of my heart, the way I guide a session has a backdrop of love and service, on top of which any number of skills can be peppered,” Alex says.

Practices like reiki, qi gong, and energy work, prepared Alex for his introduction to SourcePoint Therapy, an energetic approach to healing that can support and enhance any healing method. He was instantly intrigued.

Based on the blueprint of human health, SourcePoint Therapy is said to restore order, balance, harmony, and flow. Alex describes it as a tool that, “Tunes the energetic bubble to the geometries of the universe, so you are in greater harmony.” Beaming, he goes on to explain, “We all want to express the highest potential that lives inside us, SourcePoint is a guide for that work.” The ultimate result is to experience life in a state of flow.

Alex builds on traditional massage, SourcePoint Therapy, and energetic practices with neuromuscular therapy, which uses specific trigger points to relieve pain. The process is highly activating — he explains that neuromuscular therapy, “tunes, strengthens, and clears the nervous system. It clarifies our genes so we can operate as a cleaner version of ourselves.”

Alex started Quantum Leap Activation as a space to work and continue his journey as a student of bodywork. His offerings include a mélange of energetic practices, that are often unprecedented and unorthodox.

“It’s an Alex massage through-and-through, beyond method and in devotional service. Anything less is me not paying attention. It is not paying attention to what is and following technique to a fault,” he says, going on to explain that “the way I work is by listening to the body. Your body directs me.”

In this way, Alex explains that “the more you share your individuality, the more empowering it is for another individual and the collective as a whole.” With this goal in mind, he coaxes his clients to liberate their true selves by triggering deep sensations in the body.

“During my sessions, I ask people to vocalize,” he explains. “Trauma in the body can be likened to trapped breath, breath is the carrier for sound. The more you vocalize, the more you let out your trauma.”

This deep work is what Alex is known for, and it’s what clients come back for time and again. At Quantum Leap Activation, you won’t get a cookie-cutter massage. They offer healing with time-tested methods, skill, and perhaps most importantly, listening to the body and responding intuitively