Highstyle Profile

Logan Pierce is one of those people who has the drive and commitment to turn his dreams into reality. When roadblocks and hardships come, he turns toward hope, believing that good things will come. His story is proof of that.

Logan was adopted into a Latter-day Saint family as an infant and spent his early years living in Madera, California. It was in Madera that he first became acquainted with acting — he grew up using his acting skills to please his parents and meet religious expectations. “I wasn’t too fond of it [the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints], but I had respect for my parents, so I wasn’t going to show that publicly.”

Even though he often felt like an outcast, Logan says, “I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I’m glad for everything the Mormon church taught me. That is where I learned public speaking.”

Before he unearthed his love and knack for acting, Logan lived for football. He dedicated himself to the sport in high school, and his ambition and drive earned him a football scholarship to the University of California, Davis. “Football was a full-time job, but it was the job I wanted,” Logan recalls. So, when six concussions ended his football career, Logan was devastated, “[There were] three months where I was in this deep dark tunnel. I kept going down and down and down.”

Logan eventually found encouragement and direction from a video about The Rock (actor Dwayne Johnson), of all things. He pulled himself away from the grief of losing his football career and procured a job working in an electrical union. “It was the type of job you can easily raise a family on. I could have easily stayed there,” he remembers. But a craving to act and be on stage kept him looking for more.

The call came in 2018 when a friend offered him a place to stay in Park City. Logan researched local acting opportunities, found them ample, and dropped everything to go.

Quickly after his arrival in Park City, doors began to open. Logan hit Main Street, looking to land a bartending job that would support his acting aspirations and got a job at the iconic No Name Saloon. Shortly after, Logan applied for a role in a commercial and was surprised to receive a phone call the following day, offering him the gig. When he accepted the job, he had no idea it was a Tom Brady commercial. The serendipitous event married his passion for acting and football and ended up altering the course of his life.

What started as a one-day job turned into a three-day opportunity where he got the chance to work closely with the director, who connected Logan with a reputable talent agency, helping Logan find his current agent.

But that’s not all.

On the third day of shooting, someone approached Logan and said they knew his biological mother. It was a truly serendipitous moment that resulted in a fulfilling reunion with his birth family. “It was somewhere where I fit in. It was the missing puzzle piece in my life.”

As Logan continues pursuing his dream of acting — now with the support of his agent and birth family —he is adamant about staying true to the goal that drives him. “If I can be an inspiration to somebody, that is worth more currency than anything … What I have to give when I’m gone means a lot more to me than what I have that I can’t take with me.”